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LFP City Council Position 6

Stephanie Angelis—an environmental professional, community conduit and advocate for underserved populations—has filed to run for Lake Forest Park City Council Position 6.


I moved to Washington State with my grandparents when I was 7 years old. They made their home in what became Shoreline, the city in which I lived for more than 20 years.  I benefited from the amazing School District that Lake Forest Park and Shoreline share.  I graduated from Shorewood HS, Shoreline Community College, and finally the University of Washington.  When I moved to Lake Forest Park I immediately fell in love with the character, urban forest and wildlife in our incredible City.  My education, professional experience, and advocacy have all centered around three priorities: Environmental Ethics, Building Community, and Affordable Housing.


At the UW, I majored in Environmental Studies and Minored in Marine Biology.  My elective studies focused on the history of environmental law which triggered major restoration regulations as well as systems for monitoring ongoing water and air pollution.  My Capstone research involved documenting, analyzing, and presenting Clean Water Act violations, in partnership with the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance.  Our work led to successful lawsuits against polluters and numerous cleanup events which I was heavily involved with, including a large-scale creosote log removal project in Seattle’s Lincoln Park and Oak Harbor.


On the Lake Forest Park City Council I would champion equity, protect biodiversity, perform consistent meaningful outreach, and encourage active participation in our democratic process.  I spent six years representing local utilities, encouraging energy efficiency, conducting community events and educating the public


I serve on the Board of Ballinger Neighborhood Association where I encourage event participation from LFP, MLT & Shoreline, such as our Outdoor Movie Night and Friendship Fair.  I assist the Garden Committee in garden revitalization and provide direct outreach to our growing, diverse community.  In 2015-2019, I represented Ballinger on the Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods, and served on their Board.  In addition, I was a member of Shoreline’s Sidewalk Advisory Committee where I worked with, supported, and advocated for people experiencing disability, in their fight for access. Lastly, when I was a Shoreline resident I served Ballinger as PCO with the 32nd LD Democrats.


I have volunteered and advocated for shelters in King County, and advocated for the recently enacted HB 1236, which ended no-cause eviction.  I make an effort to model compassion as a small-scale landlord, am proud to serve our communities with my actions, and encourage localized and legislative advocacy.  My passion for affordable and accessible housing led me to become a licensed Realtor for Keller Williams Greater Seattle.


On the Lake Forest Park City Council, I will use my educational, professional, and advocacy expertise to build community, while representing the needs of our diverse residents.  As a Member of the Council, I will:


  • Improve safety of the City’s roads and sidewalks as transit increases.


  • Encourage low-impact development, and support middle housing.


  • Remove barriers to home businesses, increasing local jobs and services, support a small business incubator and spark innovation.


  • Welcome diversity in our community, and encourage density while preserving character, beauty and quality.


  • Support functional, biodiverse ecosystems, open spaces, parks, and support implementation of a Park for public waterfront access.


  • Encourage inclusive activities, artistic and educational events to bring us together and bolster community roots.


  • Work with Capstone Undergrads and Graduate students to conserve urban forests to ensure tree cover provides shade to our watershed in perpetuity, celebrate homeowners that partner with the land.


Lake Forest Park is an incredible place to recreate, live, and visit.  Working together we can realize a sustainable, growing, economically vibrant, and equitable community.  We can also achieve a thriving business community, deepen our civic connection, and create a truly model environmental community.  I would be honored to connect with you, to listen, discuss, and encourage local advocacy. It would be a privilege to have your vote in November!

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